It's #TBT and I have an embarrassing story for you!

Hey Guys, it’s Mel again!

I’ve got an embarrassing #TBT for you guys today. Last week I was talking to Dee about audiobooks and how excited I am to hear The Illusion Series on audio. In case you didn’t realize they’re all out and you can find them at the following retailers.

Just an Illusion - Side A
Tantor Audio - Audible - Google Play

Just an Illusion - The B Side
Tantor Audio - Audible - Google Play

Just an Illusion - EP
Tantor Audio - Audible - Google Play

Okay back to my embarrassing story. It wasn’t too long after Noah, and I started dating. To give you an idea of the setting, I was on the workout bus using the treadmill. My earbuds were in, and I was enjoying some alone time … until the guys showed up.

All four of the guys walk onto the bus just as I’ve slowed to a walk. I wave to them and keep walking, completely engrossed in my book, and it’s right at a steamy part, my favorite kind.

He pulls me to my feet, and in one swift motion his mouth covers mine. It catches me off guard, but it feels so damn good. My body is now putty in his arms. When I whimper in pleasure, my lips part, and his tongue finds mine. Tingles flood my senses from head to toe as our tongues engage in the most carnal of dances.

Something is wrong with the volume. I pick up my phone just as Noah walks toward me with a huge smile and plucks my earplug out of my ear. That’s when I notice they’re all grinning at me and the audio is suddenly louder.

“Declan.” I’m gasping for air as his lips leave mine, until he has me moaning when he wraps my hair around his fist. Pulling my head back, he lowers his mouth to my neck. The edges of his teeth scrape against my throat, lighting me on fire. When they sink into my skin, I’m soaring. Overwhelming sensations flood each of my senses as the swipe of his tongue against my tender skin soothes the burn. Our lips meet again as he releases my hair. This kiss is slower, decadent, and filled with want. Within minutes, the tenderness ignites a deeper passion between us, each of us grasping at the other and moaning our mutual desire.

When he releases me, he shoots me a dazzling smile. “You’re the only one I want, Holly Ryan. Don’t you ever forget it.”

“Sorry Mel,” Noah reaches for my phone apologetically and pauses my book. I’m so embarrassed, not because of the content but because I can only imagine what they must be thinking right now. They’re going to tease me for days. “I switched the Bluetooth to your phone thinking we could listen to more of your playlist. Had I known you were listening to…”

“Mommy porn.” Sawyer tosses out with a sarcastic snort, cutting Noah off.

“Hot Mommy porn.” Darren corrects, licking his lips.

“It’s not mommy porn! And it’s degrading that you’re calling it that. It’s a romance novel, a second chance love story to be specific.” I snap back. I swear Sawyer Weston can fire me up faster than anyone.

“Dude,” Wyatt says, shaking his head. “If Anna and Sam heard you calling it Mommy Porn they’d kick your asses.”

“Thank you, Wyatt,” I reply, hoping my cheeks aren’t as red as they feel.

“Whatever you want to call it, it’s getting you hot and bothered. It’s a nice look on you Princess.”

“Sawyer…” Noah begins, but Sawyer throws his hands up in the air in surrender.

“I’m just saying maybe you ought to go take your girl and recreate some of that heat she was listening to instead of sitting here debating the difference between Mommy Porn and Romance.”

Noah’s eyes sparkle mischievously “He’s got a point, want to go fool around? Or would you rather B.O.B. finish you off?”

The three guys snicker while I shake my head. “All I was trying to do was listen to a book and get in a workout. You know for a bunch of Rockstars, I’d think you’d had enough sex in your life that hearing an audiobook wouldn’t make you revert to teenage boy status.”

“Aww Mel,” Darren says, as he begins his bicep curls. “You should know that the teenage boy inside every man is what helps keep us young and virile.”

“Virile? That should be on the never use word list along with moist and lover.” I reply.

“If we couldn’t say lover, The Spice Girls would lose their best song.” Wyatt points out.

“Them and about a thousand other artists,” Sawyer grumbles as he switches the music to his playlist.

Noah leans in close and whispers in my ear. “So, was that a no on the fooling around?”

I want to tell him no out of principle, but I’m a sucker for alone time whenever we can get it. “They’re already going to make fun of me for days, might as well give them more fuel for the fire. Let’s go.”

“Hey Mel,” Wyatt calls out, “Before you go, what book are you listening to? I think I want to send it to Anna.”

“The Evolution of Us, by D. Kelly but don’t bother Wyatt, Anna is the one who sent it to me.”



I miss our time on the bus so much! We still have lots of fun together, but we’re older now, and it’s not the same as being on the road.

That’s all for this week, but if you haven’t read The Evolution of Us, yet, and love second chance romances, you can pick it up at one of the retailers below.

Xs and Os,