An unreleased blog post from Belle!

Hey Guys! It's Mel again!

I had so much fun taking over Dee’s blog that the two of us came to an understanding, and I’m going to be doing it more often.

I’ve been scrolling through old blog posts of Belle’s while doing some book research and found one that is a classic throwback. This post was never put up on her blog which makes it all the more fun.

Belle wrote this post the first night we met Bastards and Dangerous or BAD as most of you know them. When she showed it to me, we laughed until we cried. It wasn’t blog appropriate for Slammed, but it was a great moment between friends and Dee agrees we should share it with all of you.


It’s your girl Belle, and do I have news for you! The BAD concert tonight was off the hook, but that wasn’t even the best part of the night – nope, not even close. Are you sitting down? No? You should be – I’ll wait…

Now that I have your attention – I think we met our future husbands tonight.

Yes, I said we and no you didn’t read that wrong. Let me explain. Tonight my best friend Mel and I, met Bastards and Dangerous. Seriously, it totally happened. I checked off a legit bucket list item or two 😉.

Now, don’t get it twisted – no one is rushing to the altar just yet. I am happily single, but when someone rocks your world in the way no one ever has before, you start thinking crazy things. And, since I’m crazier than most, it’s only natural that I’d think ahead to securing that D and making it mine for life, right? It’s only coincidence that the owner of the D that rocked my world also goes by a name that starts with D.

All kidding aside, I had a fun night with a fun guy, but it will take a lot more than rock star status and sweet moves between the sheets to give up my single woman card in exchange for a ball and chain.

But – let me tell you about those Weston men for a minute. It’s true what they say, Noah and Sawyer Weston are complete opposites – except when it comes to who they’re attracted to. Neither of these men could take their eyes off my girl Mel. Watching Noah flash shy smiles as he laced their fingers together to hold hands would make even the biggest disbeliever in love say aww…

Then there’s Sawyer, can someone get me a fan, please? I’m still steaming in places where it’s probably not appropriate but hot damn this man makes me want to sin in all the best ways. He’s got the hots for my girl, too. All that sexual tension you read about in those romance novels is nothing compared to the sparks between them.

It will be interesting to see how this all unfolds now that Mel is going on tour with BAD for the next year. That’s right Slammers; you heard it here first. Amelia Greyson is hitting the road with Bastards and Dangerous and after what I witnessed tonight that’s going to make for a very interesting tour.

That’s all for now!

Don’t forget, live today like there’s no tomorrow!

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