The band flip the tables on Belle!

Hey Guys, it’s Mel!

We’re getting closer to Encore, and I’m so excited for its release!

Today I found an ‘off the record’ interview that I wrote when the guys decided to flip the tables on Belle and interview her. We had a blast and Belle was such a good sport. I hope you enjoy this as much as we did!

Wyatt: I could have so much fun with this but I’m a nice guy, and I know the rest of my bandmates probably won’t go as easy on you. I’ll start off simple. Who’s your favorite band?

Belle: <with a devilish smile> Right now I’m totally into Walking on Cars.

Wyatt: Totally into doesn’t equal favorite… come on Dixson, spill it.

Belle: Fine, it’s you guys okay? And I know you already knew that – so much for you being a nice guy.

Wyatt: <shrugs> Sometimes it’s nice to have my ego stroked, especially from someone like you.

Belle tossed a pillow at Wyatt’s head, but he ducked, and it hit Darren instead.

Darren: You’re vicious, assault on an innocent drummer by pillow. Guess that makes it my turn. What’s your favorite sexual position?

Belle: You already know that answer.

Darren: They don’t.

Belle: Why do I get the feeling you all are going to want your egos stroked? My favorite position is anyone that Darren has me in at the time. Happy?

Darren: <eyes glazed over with lust> Immensely.

Belle: Jerk.

Darren: Your jerk.

Belle: <rolls eyes> For now.

Darren: <growls> For always.

Belle: <teases> We’ll see.

Sawyer: Okay before the sexual tension takes over the entire bus, I’ll go. I want to know what you really thought about Mel and Eli dating. No sugar coating.

Belle: <sadness flickers briefly in her gaze> Until Noah, Eli was the best thing that ever happened to Mel. He messed it up big time but what teenager hasn’t screwed up? It’s kinda hard to hold it against him anymore.

Noah: I’ll go easy on you Belle. If you could have any job, what would it be?

Belle: That’s easy – I’ve already got it. Working for Slammed, I’m basically my own boss. If you weren’t already aware, I’ve got a stellar reputation. Most days people call me when they want publicity. I rarely have to chase down a story. And getting to meet people I’ve admired and idolized for years, who ooze talent from their pores… hands down best job ever.

Noah: I’m pretty fond of your job too.

Belle: Oh yeah, how come?

Noah: Because it brought you two to us.

Belle: Mel, have I told you lately you need to marry this one? Scoop him up while you can because he’s extra swoon-worthy and kinda hot too.

Mel: I’ll keep it under advisement.

Noah: Only advisement?

Mel: Well yeah, I have to weigh my options you know.

Belle: That’s so true. Options are good to have.

Darren: Really? And what options do you have Belle?

Belle: We’re not talking about me, we’re talking about Mel. But if we were talking about me, my options include - in a bed, up against the wall, down on my knees, across the table, pretty much any way you want to take me.

Darren: Damn, I love that answer.

Sawyer: What options do you have Mel? Are they similar to Belle’s?

Belle: Stop Sawyer, you’re making her blush. Mel’s options are limitless.

Noah: Limitless as to where she wants to get married and when absolutely. Sexual positions, the possibilities are endless. But as to who she marries, and who’s in those positions with her? Well I’m afraid that’s already been decided, and he doesn’t like to share.

Darren: I like sharing.

Belle: Stop it. This isn’t about you anymore. But for the record, I think sharing could be fun, let’s table that discussion for later though.

Sawyer: Well, Darren and I like to share together, and we do it well. So, think about that when you bring that discussion back up.

Darren: Oh no… not this time.

Belle: Why not? I’m intrigued.

Mel: Enough! <laughing> You guys are too much. This was supposed to be Belle’s interview, and you’re all just a bunch of perverts. Including you Belle, have you ever heard of TMI?

Belle: There’s no such thing between friends.

And that you guys, is how the interview ended. Damn, I miss those days and that tour, but it feels so good to share these memories with you all. Instead of locking memories in a bottle, I think we should share them more often, with the people around us. For me personally, sharing memories is like letting the light shine in on a dark day. At least, if they’re good memories – no one likes to share the bad ones.

That’s all for now, but I’ll be back next week with more!

Live today, like there’s no tomorrow!

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