Sawyer spills all the secrets!

Hey Guys, it’s Mel!

The past few weeks I’ve talked about most of my friends except Sawyer. Today I want to change that – with his permission of course because we all know how he can be.

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Now back to Sawyer, this is an off the record interview that Belle had recorded. Relax, she wasn’t being sneaky. Their regular interview just veered a bit off course, and she forgot to stop recording. I’m glad, or else I would have never been able to hear it myself or share it with you all.

Belle: Now that we’re off the record, tell me all the nitty-gritty.

Sawyer: What exactly do you want to know?

Belle: Everything. Why groupies? How often? Is there anyone serious in your life? Do you ever picture yourself settling down?

Sawyer: <clears throat> You’re the devil.

Belle: That’s news hotshot?

Sawyer: <laughing> Nope, just thought I’d remind you. Look, here’s the deal. Until recently I’ve never had the desire to settle down.

Belle: So, there is someone…

Sawyer: No, there isn’t. But watching my bandmates, all start planning the rest of their lives has given me something to think about. I’ve always wanted kids but have never been sold on the idea of marriage. Not that I’m against it, and not to sound full of myself, but given who we are it’s one of those things I thought I’d have to compromise on. How do you become famous and still find someone who loves you for you, and not for your fame and fortune?

Belle: And your opinion on that has changed?

Sawyer: Not changed so much as shifted. I think the best love is born from friendship. So maybe, when this is all over, I’ll eventually have a friend who shows me there could be the possibility of more waiting in the wings.

Belle: And until then, groupies?

Sawyer: This is going to sound bad, but it’s also true. People have sexual needs and desires. I’m only speaking for myself here – this isn’t about the rest of the band. When I’m on the road, groupies serve a purpose. Pretty girls and sometimes guys offer themselves up. Meeting a woman who is upfront about her needs and wants is attractive. In a groupie situation, there are no misunderstandings. They want you for your public persona and the bold ones, the ones who make it to my hotel room, are the ones who are upfront with their desires. But to be clear, I’m upfront with them as well.

Belle: How so?

Sawyer: Let’s just say I have my own rules. I never want someone to feel slighted. I’m upfront with the fact it will be a one-night stand, that there are no sleepovers, condoms are mandatory, things like that.

Belle: I can respect that. Now since we’re off the record and we’re being candid and getting to know each other, I’m going to be bold and ask you what I really want to know.

Sawyer: <groans loudly> I reserve the right to remain silent.

Belle: <laughs> Not part of our deal. What is the deal with your feelings for Amelia? And don’t give me the whole – she’s into my brother answer. I want the truth.

Sawyer: The truth is we’re becoming friends.

Belle: I’ve seen the looks you give her, the casual touches that linger a second too long. It’s more than friendship.

Sawyer: It will never be more than friendship. My brother is falling hard for her. His happiness is my priority.

Belle: If Noah walked away from her tomorrow and decided he found the love of his life elsewhere, what would you do?

Sawyer: <In a voice so low the recorder barely picks it up> In that exact instance, and onlythat instance, I’d make her mine and never be foolish enough to let her go.

Belle: And what about now? How do you navigate around those feelings?

Sawyer: That’s easy, we’ve become friends, but you already know this Belle, so what exactly is it you’re fishing for?

Belle: Not fishing, just curious. Is Mel the reason you’ve changed your view on women and settling down? The real reason? Not your rehearsed media answer.

Sawyer: I would never talk to the media about this, but you and I are becoming friends, so I’m trying to let my guard down a bit. In short, the answer to that question is yes. Not because I’m planning on swooping in and trying to steal Princess from Noah, but because I see what they’re building and how solid their foundation is because of their friendship. I’d also watched it happen with Wyatt and Anna, but they’re one in a million or so I thought. High school sweethearts and still in love all these years later. But now, I see they also laid that same foundation of friendship and built upon on it.

Belle: Aren’t you and Mel becoming friends?

Sawyer: Some of the best, which is good because if Noah has his way, one day, she’ll be my sister in law.

Belle: How do you feel about that?

Sawyer: I’m happy for both of them.

Belle: That’s all?

Sawyer: That’s all it can be Belle.

After that, the recorder clicked off. Sawyer said Belle realized she pushed too hard and they called it a day. I’m surprised he let her get that far into his head so early on into their new friendship. I probably shouldn’t be – Sawyer and Belle are both one of a kind.

That’s all for now! I’ll be back next week for more Illusion Series fun!