Bastards and Dangerous Q&A Week 6 (Amelia)

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A by Belle Dixson

Amelia Greyson! It’s about time I get my hands on you for some interview questions. Our Slammed readers have questions they’re dying to know the answers to.

Mel: I’ll do my best to answer them, but some things fall under my NDA so I might not be able to answer them all.

Excuses, excuses. It’s all good, girl, we’ll make it work. My first question is what everyone is wondering. Are you involved with any of the band members?

Mel: No. I’ve only been on the buses for a few weeks, so we’re just getting to know each other right now.

Alright, tell us what it’s like to share a bus with Noah and Sawyer Weston. I mean, girl …you’re in the middle of a double yum sandwich.

Mel: <insert laugh> Belle, sometimes you are too much! I love being on the buses and being able to take in the countryside as we drive along. Hmm, what can I tell you about the guys? Noah is a sound sleeper. He works late nights and sleeps in as late as possible. Sawyer is an early bird. It doesn’t seem to matter how late he’s up, he’s still awake bright and early taking in the sunrise over a cup of coffee. 

How about the girls? Is it out-of-control crazy with women traipsing on and off the buses?

Mel: I’m pretty sure this is something that would be prohibited by my NDA, but the truth is, these guys aren’t like that. Wyatt is married and I’ve never seen him look twice at anyone who isn’t his wife. The rest of them do their job and get on the bus for the next stop. There’s no juicy gossip here, they’re just normal people doing a job.

Are they messy? Who is the cleanest?

Mel: Sawyer is a neat freak, which is nice since I’m on his bus. Noah isn’t messy but he’s not perfectly clean, either. I’ve got no idea about the other guys since I’m not on their bus. Warren has mentioned Darren and Wyatt drive him crazy with their mess, though, but you’ll have to take that secondhand.

What can you tell us about each of the guys that might surprise people?

Mel: There’s not a whole lot I can say, but I’m going to group them together as a whole for this question. They all have a reputation for being out-of-control jerks. I don’t think anything could be further from the truth. From what I’ve experienced, they’re four nice guys with a deep love for family.

I’m going to give you four categories and I want you to assign one member of BAD to each. Best Overall Personality, Funniest, Most Surprising, and Most Intriguing.

Mel: Funniest is definitely Darren … he makes me laugh often. Best Overall Personality is Wyatt. He’s just so easygoing with everything and I’ve never seen him down. Most Surprising … definitely Noah. That leaves Most Intriguing and it’s a perfect title for Sawyer.

Tell us about the book you’ve been hired to write. What makes this book different than most other band stories?

Mel: BAD hired me to write their story, but they don’t want a fluff piece. This book is going to be an insight into their lives, their families, and fans. The perks of fame and the pitfalls as well. I think the best part of it is they will proofread every word, so not only do you know it’s truly their story but it’s got their stamp of approval as well.

Most people may not realize you’re not a BAD fan. In fact, it caused quite a commotion when they found out you weren’t a fan of their music. Now that you’re immersed in it every day, have you changed your mind?

Mel: Way to put me on the spot, Belle. I’m not a fan of hard rock in general. But I’m fortunate enough to get to sit in on practice each day, and I have to admit I love their acoustic album. My favorite part of the day is getting to listen to them sing on the bus. It’s different than watching them on stage. They’re more relaxed and have fun with it. I take great joy in being able to witness them in that element.

One question I keep getting asked is if you’ve seen them naked. Have you had any accidental bathroom encounters? Middle of the night snack attacks?

Mel: Nope. Sorry to disappoint, but there have been zero naked encounters. They’re very respectful of my space and I am of theirs. We’re in close quarters so I have seen them in boxers and an occasional towel as they leave the bathroom, but nothing to get excited about.

Oh, Mel, if that doesn’t excite you there’s something wrong with you. Most people would cream their panties at the sight of Noah or Sawyer in boxers or a towel.

Do you find yourself inspired enough to start other books? Your first book, The O Factor, is a nationwide bestseller. Do you think BAD will give you the inspiration you need for your next book?

Mel: Well, their book is my next book. As for future projects, I’m not even on that wavelength. I can only write one book at a time and right now my head is in conceptualizing this book. I can’t say they won’t inspire me at some point because, as an artist, you never know when inspiration will come but so far it hasn’t happened. Sorry, ladies, no BAD themed romances in my foreseeable future.

Last question. Do you see yourself staying in touch with the members of BAD after the tour is over? Or is this strictly a work assignment for you?

Mel: We’ve all become pretty close in a short amount of time. We have so much more in common than I think any of us could have imagined. I’m pretty sure we’re forging lifelong friendships here and I’m really excited about that. I feel very blessed to be in the presence of these amazing men every day. I can’t wait to see where this journey takes us.

Well, there you have it, Slammers! My girl Mel gave us all the answers she could, and I’m sure we’ll get even more over the next few months. Thanks for talking to me, Mel!

Until next time - Live today, like there's no tomorrow!

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