In what order should i read the acceptance seriES?

You’ll get the most out of the Acceptance series if you read in the books in order - Breaking Kate, Catching Kate (novella), Releasing Kate, Loving Kate, and Christmas with the Houstons.

IN WHAT ORDER SHOULD i read the Illusion series?

You’ll get the most out of the Illusion series if you read the books in order - Side A, The B Side, and EP. Even though Mel’s POV ends with EP – don’t stop reading! Sawyer steps it up and shows us his POV with a whole new take on the story you thought you knew, but maybe didn’t know at all. Pick up Unplugged and Encore to read all the things you never knew. Plus, I don’t know about you, but a deep dive into the mind of Sawyer Weston – yes, please! 

The Illusion Series doesn’t stop there – check out the stand-alone spin-offs. 
Interlude – Jordan’s story 
Broken Beats – Darren’s story 
TBA – Eli’s story (coming fall 2019)


What can I say? I like leaving people hanging! But if cliffhangers are not your thing, check out these standalones.

can any of your books be read on their own?

Chasing Cassidy, Sharing Rylee, The Evolution of Us, The Last Resort Motel - Room 13 and Dating Roulette, are all standalones. You can find out more about them here. Though it includes a few spoilers about the Illusion series, Interlude can also be read on its own.


I sure do! Head over to Facebook and Dee’s Dirty Divas - it’s a pretty fun place to hang out!

Can I get signed copies of your books anywhere?

Absolutely! If you go over to the SHOP page, you can see which books I currently have available. Unfortunately, at this time I’m only able to offer signed paperbacks to United States mailing addresses.

Where can I read your books?

The Acceptance series, the Illusion series and all my standalones are available on all major ebook retailers.

Are any of your books available in audiobook?

Why, yes they are! The lovely folks over at Tantor Audio have released four of my books in audiobook. Check out the audiobook page to find out more!

what are you writing next?

Eli is finally getting his story! I’m currently hard at work on his story which will be announced soon and out fall 2019. After that, keep an eye out for a special holiday novella featuring Anna and Wyatt from The Illusion Series. The best way to stay up-to-date on upcoming releases is to sign up for my newsletter.

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