Bastards and Dangerous Q&A Week 4 (Darren)

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A by Amelia Greyson

Hey, Darren! Thank you so much for sitting with me today for this interview. I’ve compiled a list of questions from your fans as well as some of my own. Are you ready to get up close and personal with me?

Darren: Sure, Mel. Just don’t go trying to bang my bongo or anything, that’s reserved for the other half of your troublesome twosome.

I wouldn’t dream of it! Let’s jump right into a question from Ashley J. What are your top-five favorite albums of all time?

Darren: That’s an impossibly hard question and so fucking awesome. I’ll give you the first five I remember having a big influence on me. Purple Rain by Prince, Thriller by Michael Jackson, Metallica’s Black Album, Hotel California by The Eagles, and Night Train by Joey and Iris Triton. Just to be clear, that last one isn’t because they were your parents but because it’s a fucking kickass album.

Thanks, Darren. I’m sure my parents would appreciate the shoutout. This question is from Misti S. What is the first thing you want to do when the tour is over?

Darren: I’m going to Disneyland! <insert laughter> Damn, I’ve always wanted to say that. For real, I’m going to spend some time with my parents. They’re getting older, and family is important, you know?

Yeah, I sure do. I think that’s sweet. This question has been asked by quite a few fans. Boxers, Briefs, Commando?

Darren: Commando, baby.

That was so much more than I needed to know.

Darren: Well, hey … you asked. When you’re touring, every second is important, so underwear of any kind wastes valuable seconds. I want to be able to unzip, cover up, and … well, you know the rest.

Yup, sure do. Let the banging of the bongos commence.

Darren: Exactly! You know what’s up, Mel. Even if Boy Band was the one to teach you the ropes.

And on that note, next question! This one is from Gayle C. Do you have a fantasy destination you’d like to go to?

Darren: We’ve traveled so much on tour but we honestly don’t get much time to enjoy where we go. I’d love to grab my girl and show her the Seven Wonders of the World. I think that would be an amazing thing to experience together.

I love that answer! I’m sure your girl would love that, too. <wink wink> Okay, let’s switch it up a bit. Tell me about the friendships between you and your band members. Are there any love/hate relationships going on? Or are you all actually good friends?

Darren: We’re all best friends … brother’s, really. Noah and Wyatt are the two serious ones, so they spend a lot of time together. Sawyer and I are more of the party guys, so we’re always together. It’s hard to explain. We’re all best friends, but we usually pair off. Noah and Sawyer’s relationship sort of supersedes all of that, though. Their twin connection is just … I can’t even put it into words, but I’ve always been envious. I’d love to have that kind of unique bond with someone else.

Me, too. Here’s an interesting question from Dana S. Do you have a favorite song you like to perform at karaoke?

Darren: Yes! The absolute best karaoke song is “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond. Everyone knows it and ends up singing along.

Favorite Holiday?

Darren: Halloween, hands down. The combination of candy and scary shit is a guaranteed recipe for getting laid.

How do you guys always turn everything to sex?

Darren: You’re the author of The O Factor and you’re asking me that? You’re lucky we don’t talk to you about sex 24/7 because seriously, Mel, I have questions about your book and your inspiration for said book.

Moving on. This one from Kim T. should be safe enough. Do you have any pets?

Darren: Nah, pets and bands don’t mix. We’re far too busy to take care of an animal the way it deserves. Maybe once we’re done touring I might get a dog. I’ve always loved English Bulldogs and regularly donate to a few different rescues.

That’s so true but super sweet you give donations. Our next question is from Cindy L. If given the choice, would you pick cake or ice cream?

Darren: Both. I’m not a take it or leave it kind of guy … I want it all.

You remind me so much of this reporter I know. She likes to bang bongos in her spare time.

Darren: You’ll have to introduce me someday. <laughs>

Alright, last question. If you could give any advice to your sixteen-year-old self what would it be?

Darren: Don’t sweat the small stuff. Just live in the moment because things always have a way of working themselves out.

For some reason that’s exactly the answer I expected from you.

Darren: At least I didn’t disappoint.

I don’t think you ever could. It’s always a pleasure to spend time with you, Darren. Thank you for hanging out with me today and answering my questions.

Darren: Happy to do it, Mel, and I can’t wait to read it.


Bastards and Dangerous Q&A Week 3 (Belle)

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A by Amelia Greyson

Hey, Belle! Thanks for sitting with me today for a few quick questions. I think it’s important to learn a bit more about our favorite entertainment blogger who is keeping everyone updated on BAD this year.

Belle: Hey, Mel! You know I’m always happy to sit with you and shoot the shit no matter what it’s about.

Cool, my first question for you is a simple one. When did you first discover Bastards and Dangerous?

Belle: It was the summer before I started college. I’d gone to a club in Hollywood where they were playing. I was hooked right away. That was the summer they got signed, and I’ve followed their career ever since.

I’m pretty sure not many people know this next bit of information. The night at The Greek, where BAD announced Slammed had an exclusive about them in their upcoming issue, that was a surprise to you. How did you feel in that moment?

Belle: Oh my God, I was so freaking excited! I was always a huge BAD fan, and to end up with a job where I could follow their career and write about them was a dream come true. Then to be asked to write exclusively for them for a year, by the band themselves? I could die tomorrow and my bucket list would be complete. It was the most amazing thing ever. I’m still in shock.

Before taking this job you were one of the most influential entertainment bloggers/reporters around. Your Instagram followers were pretty steady at about three million last year. Could you tell us your current Instagram follower count and how it makes you feel?

Belle: The numbers are insane. Almost overnight, I went from three million to about fifty million. BAD has eighty million, so I’m pretty sure those numbers will continue to grow. It’s awesome but also a bit daunting. People should just know that while I’m definitely posting more things about BAD, I’m still posting other bands, and my daily coffee, my shoes if they’re cute, my nails when they’re looking badass. I’m still me, just with a cooler job aspect.

It was recently announced you’re going to spend the last three months of The Just an Illusion Tour on the buses with the guys and me. What are you looking to accomplish in those three months?

Belle: Being up close and personal with BAD is going to bring a whole new level of depth to my articles. Flying in once a month and attending shows and doing some quick interviews is great, but fully immersing myself in the experience is every reporter’s dream.

Are any of the members of Bastards and Dangerous on your celebrity cheat list?

Belle: Uh, yeah! Darren Miller has been on my celebrity cheat list since I saw him play in that club. I couldn’t get him out of my mind. I kicked myself for a good year for not introducing myself to him back then. After having met him and getting to know him better, I see why I was so enamored with him. Thankfully, I’m not dating anyone, so I don’t need a cheat list.

Are you trying to tell us something, Belle?

Belle: <insert laugh> No, but a girl can dream, can’t she?

Hell yeah she can! What has been your favorite part of covering BAD exclusively so far?

Belle: When I come to the concerts and get to see how moved the fans are by the experience. Not just the fans in the audience, either. Smaller venues means less tickets, but the parking lots are always filled to the brim with tailgaters. Those people in the lots are so happy to even be in proximity of the band. It’s a heady experience for sure. One people will talk about for decades.

If you could see Bastards and Dangerous collaborate with someone on this tour, who would it be?

Belle: Wow, that’s hard! There are so many people I’d love to see them do something with but because of the acoustical nature of this tour I’d say Ed Sheeran would be a great mix with what they have going on right now.

So what is up next for you? Do you have any idea where your career will go after this tour?

Belle: You know me, I live by the seat of my pants. I’m sure whatever comes next will be a great experience. Life is such a mystery. I’m just along for the ride.

What’s your favorite pastime?

Belle: I’m in the beginning stages of dating someone new. You know how that is … kind of scary and awkward but also really fun. I guess you could say he’s my favorite pastime at the moment.

Is it serious with this guy?

Belle: I don’t really do serious. I’m all about having a good time. Of course, I’d never rule out serious someday with the right person.

Could this mystery man be Mr. Right?

Belle: You’re not going to let this go, are you? I’ll never say never, but what I will say is he’s Mr. Right Now.

Okay …We’ve been friends for twenty years, I know when to back off. Tell us your favorite must-have while writing.

Belle: A latte or wine and either fresh fruit or chocolate. The time of day determines which order I have them.

What do you prefer a man wear … boxers or briefs?

Belle: Who has time for underwear? Commando all the way, baby.

And on that note, I think our time is up. Thank you so much for sitting and chatting with me, Belle.

Belle: Like I’d rather be doing anything else. Someone else … maybe. But anything else, not on your life.


Bastards and Dangerous Q&A Week 2 (Noah)

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A by Amelia Greyson

Hey, Noah! Thank you so much for sitting with me today for this interview. I’ve compiled a list of questions from your fans, as well as some of my own. Are you ready to get up close and personal with me?

Noah: I’m always ready to get up close and personal with you, Mel, you know that.

Great, now that I’m blushing like crazy, I’ll jump right in. This first question comes from Kim T. What’s your favorite guilty pleasure?

Noah: That’s easy … indulging in you.

Come on, Noah! That’s not what your fans want to hear.

Noah: Hmm … maybe not, but it’s the truth, and they asked for an in-depth personal interview. That’s about as personal as it gets. I hope.

Alright, this next question comes from Lisa A. Would you ever pose for Playgirl?

Noah: <Insert panty-dropping smile> Nah …some things need to be left to the imagination. The only one who gets to see my goods is the woman I’m intimately involved with.

That’s completely understandable. Our next question was asked by just about everyone. Boxers or briefs, Noah?

Noah: Why is everyone always obsessed with our underwear? Ladies, what we carry our package around in isn’t nearly as important as how we use our package. But to answer your question, I prefer boxer briefs.

I wonder how many of your fans are hitting up Calvin Klein on social media right now begging for a Noah Weston exclusive.

Noah: Probably more now that you planted the seed. Thanks, Mel.

Anytime, Noah, happy to help.

Noah: I’m pretty sure you secretly want to see the goods yourself. You know, if you ask nicely I might just show them to you.

Have you always been such a flirt? That question is all mine.

Noah: I’m a friendly guy, and a lot of time it gets mistaken for flirting when it’s not. But with you, I’m definitely flirting, Mel.

And on that note, let’s go to a question from Gayle C. Do you believe in fate?

Noah: More than anything else, except for love. We may never know how and why things happen, but I believe with my whole heart everything happens for a reason.

Does that have anything to do with why you do so many random acts of kindness?

Noah: Maybe? If you put good into the world, it can only result in more good things. I’ve been blessed with more than I need so why not share the good fortune? If it doesn’t have anything to do with fate at least it’s good karma, and we can all use as much of that as we can get. 

What are you looking forward to most after the tour?

Noah: Seeing what’s next. Ideally, it would have to be love, wife, and kids.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Noah: Sawyer. My brother is, without a doubt, the most talented person I’ve ever known.

Favorite holiday?

Noah: Thanksgiving. Being surrounded by all the people I’m thankful for every day is the best feeling there is.

Last question. If you could tell your sixteen-year-old self one thing, what would it be?

Noah: I’d tell myself that one day I was going to meet an author who was going to change my life and she was worth the wait.

Thank you for answering my questions, Noah, and for all the flattery … it will get you everywhere.

Noah: Anything, anytime, anywhere, Amelia, you know that.

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A Week 1 (Sawyer)

Bastards and Dangerous Q&A by Amelia Greyson

Hey, Sawyer! Thank you so much for sitting with me today for this interview. I’ve compiled a list of questions from your fans, as well as some of my own. Are you ready to get up close and personal with me?

Sawyer: Careful what you ask for, Princess. I’ve been known to bite.


Sawyer: Calm down, Princess, you know I’m only joking. Ask away but know I reserve the right to plead the Fifth.

Fair enough. This question is from Karie G. What is the hardest part of being famous?

Sawyer: The loss of privacy. Some days you just want to be able to take your family out to dinner but you can’t without being interrupted a thousand times. Everyone wants a hug, an autograph, a selfie. Don’t get me wrong, our fans are great and they’re why we’re where we are today. There’s not much I would change, but being able to have uninterrupted family time if I could change that? I would in a heartbeat.

Alright, this question is from Meghana S. What is the first thing that catches your eye when you spot a woman?

Sawyer: Her ass. <insert cocky smirk> What? I’m an ass man, at least if I see her from behind first. If it’s up close and personal, it’s usually her smile.

Her smile? Really?

Sawyer: Don’t be so surprised. There’s this thing about women when they smile. You can tell by the ease of it, by the lines in the corner of their mouths, by the way they throw their head back or even kind of shake their head as they laugh. Those are typically the women who know how to have a good time, who are confident in themselves, who are nice. I don’t get a lot of downtime with women, so when I do, I want to find one who isn’t a bitch looking for a celebrity fuck. Or even worse, a celebrity baby daddy.

And speaking of celebrity baby daddies, how do you prevent that?

Sawyer: Well, there’s no surefire way to prevent a baby, I guess, but making it a cardinal rule to use my own condoms is a good start. Pulling out, even with a condom on, is the next best way.

How did this interview get so sexual? Let’s take it back a few notches, shall we? This next question is from Dana S. What is your worst habit?

Sawyer: Speaking before thinking. I’m forever doing things I regret because I act first and think later.

Cindy L would like to know … Batman or Superman?

Sawyer: Batman. Always Batman.

What is the best thing about being a twin? What is the worst? This question is all mine.

Sawyer: The worst is being attracted to the same women. It can make for some awkward situations. The best is everything else. Noah is my best friend, he’s my favorite person, he knows me better than anyone and loves me anyway.

Favorite holiday?

Sawyer: Christmas. There’s nothing better.

Is it better to give or receive?

Sawyer: Are we still talking about Christmas? Because, sexually, both are pretty fucking nice.

Yes, Sawyer, <insert exasperated sigh> we’re still talking about Christmas.

Sawyer: Well, then … not to seem too much like Noah, but giving is definitely better. The looks on my nieces’ faces are priceless.

This question is from Jacqui N. She’s an avid reader. Team Michael or Team Daniel from The Acceptance Series?

Sawyer: Considering I don’t read shit for romance, except for you, Princess …

Wait, you’ve read my book?

Sawyer: I’d read the fucking phone book if you wrote it. But like I was saying, I don’t know jack shit about romance teams. Even so, I’m going to go with Team Michael because my sister dated a Daniel once and the guy was a total asshat.

Alright, there you have it, Jacqui N. Sawyer is Team Michael for the win. Last question. If you could give your sixteen-year-old self any advice or words of wisdom, what would it be?

Sawyer: There was a girl who got between myself and my brother, and the whole experience is my biggest regret. I’d tell myself to never let that happen.

Thank you for spending some time with me today and letting me interview you. I know you don’t open yourself up for these things often.

Sawyer: I’m not sure what it is about you, Princess, but I don’t have the heart to tell you no when you ask for something. I’m pretty sure you cast a spell on me while I was sleeping or some shit, but in any case, you’re welcome.


Release Day and Giveaway

Hi Guys!
Today is release day for Just an Illusion - The B Side!

I'm so excited to share more of Amelia, Sawyer, and Noah with you all.

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Just an Illusion - The B Side Cover Reveal and sale

Hi Everyone!

Today is cover reveal day!

Just an Illusion - The B Side, is releasing on March 30th and I'm so excited to show you the cover! Side A, gave you a glimpse of sexy Noah Weston and The B Side, is giving you a glimpse of the sinful Sawyer Weston!

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That's all for now! I hope you all have a great rest of your week and a fantastic weekend!


Dee Kelly

Release Day, Giveaway, and More

Hey Everyone!

Today is the big day! The first book in The Illusion Series is here! Just an Illusion - Side A is live and the early reviews are amazing! Want to read an excerpt? Click here

You can get your copy at the following retailers:


If you haven't seen the trailer yet, you've got to check it out. The Book Chick Blog did such a phenomenal job.

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Release Blitz hosted by The Next Step PR

Release Blitz hosted by The Next Step PR

Just an Illusion is Live! Read an Excerpt now!

Today is the big day! The first book in The Illusion Series is here! Just an Illusion - Side A is live and the early reviews are amazing! Read an excerpt below.


Present Day – Two Years After The Tour

Stories are meant to be told. I firmly believe that, or I wouldn’t have pursued a career in writing. And yet, some stories should never be told for a variety of reasons. My story—OUR story—is on the cusp of both of those beliefs. When I first met them, it was quickly decided I would write their story. And their story is a great story, one I want to tell with all my heart and soul. One their fans truly deserve after all this time. The only problem is, in order to tell their story, I have to tell mine, too, since they’ve become so intricately entwined. I’m not sure I’m ready to share my story yet. My heart may not survive if I do.

As I release an exhausted sigh, I pause momentarily and deeply inhale the scent of the Pacific Ocean. The beautiful sunset’s reflection shines on the waves, looking like a million shimmering suns. The silence in the house is all encompassing and allows me to take a few moments to appreciate life. It’s funny how so many things can change over the course of a few years. How one person’s life can go from private to public in the blink of an eye. How easily we transition beyond our humble beginnings, instead winding up in the lap of luxury. How fate always seems to find a way to intervene.

When I started this journey, I lived in a small, one-bedroom apartment in Encino, California. And now, I’m living most people’s dream. My home—well, technically it’s their home—is a beautiful beachfront house with every amenity I could have ever dreamed of. But at the end of the day, it’s just a house, and a house isn’t a home until you make it one. Even though it’s been over two years since I officially moved in, making this house my home is still a feat I haven’t quite yet mastered. If I accept this house, I have to accept the realities that come with it—realities I’m not ready to acknowledge.

Realities I should have long ago accepted.

His ultimatum tonight threw me into a tailspin. He knows he’s making me relive the best and worst days of my life. It’s not his fault; they’re his, too, and he’s waited long enough. He genuinely wants to make this a home for us, but he’s worried my heart may not completely be his.

Is it?

I love him. I’ve always loved him, but being in love with someone is different than loving them. The only way to figure it out for sure is to write THE story—his, mine, theirs, and ours.

I turn away from the window, fire up my laptop, and uncork a bottle of my favorite Pinot Grigio, filling the largest wine glass I own. It’s cool, and the alcohol warms me going down. If I’m going to do this, I need something to soothe me. Especially when I have to read his notes and pull all of Belle’s articles. I need those most of all for this story to be truly complete.

It’s just a story, Amelia, you write them all the time. It doesn’t have to be published; you’re just purging it from your system and getting it on paper. But if anyone ever got their hands on it … If they find out you finally wrote it, there’s no coming back.

Closing my eyes, I wage the internal battle with myself. He gave me a deadline; I have seventy-two hours to answer his proposal. Three days. I’m not quite sure if three days is long enough for my heart to catch up with my mind. It doesn’t matter; he’s serious this time.

The boys left and went camping, giving me time to do this, to gather myself. He was hesitant to leave me alone, knowing how hard it will be for me. Eventually, I convinced him I’d be fine. I’m not so sure now, but it doesn’t matter. It’s time to put on my big girl panties and give him an answer. Which leaves me only one thing left to do.

It’s time to write our story.

Cover reveal and a giveaway!

Happy Friday!

I'm so excited to share the official cover for Just an Illusion - Side A with you today! To celebrate, there are going to be giveaways posted on my Facebook page throughout the day! Make sure you come check them out for your chance to win Amazon gift cards, ebooks, and more.

Cover by the talented Regina Wamba from Mae I Design and Photography.


One night changed her life…

Bestselling author Amelia Greyson has grown up in the music industry and isn’t the slightest bit fazed by fame or celebrities.  However, when she attends a Bastards and Dangerous concert with her best friend Belle, her world shifts on its axis.

Double trouble…

Sawyer and Noah Weston are the front men of BAD.  They’re fraternal twins and sexy as sin.  When they hear the author of The O Factor is in their green room, they’re intrigued.  She’s just the person they need to write their farewell story.  The brothers offer Amelia the opportunity of a lifetime, which she reluctantly accepts.

Three hearts…

Noah is sweet and considerate, working hard to make Amelia feel at home on the road.  Unfortunately, the closer they get, the more obnoxious Sawyer becomes.  Sawyer is arrogant and distant and he wants Amelia, even though she’s not his for the taking.  Only during stolen moments does Sawyer show her who he really is.

Can Amelia maintain a safe distance from Sawyer and keep her heart intact?  Or will she shatter Noah’s heart by giving hers to his brother instead?

Just an Illusion – Side A is the first book in The Illusion Series

For a limited time Just an Illusion - Side A is being offered at a pre-order price of $2.99. This price will increase to it's normal price of $3.99 on November 3rd which is release day. Just an Illusion - Side A is currently available for pre-order at iBooks and Amazon.






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Pre-order info and holiday sale.

Hey Everyone!

I hope you all had a great week and are gearing up for a wonderful holiday weekend. I just wanted to take a minute and fill you in on a few things. 

Just an Illusion - Side A, is my upcoming rock star romance series and the release date has been set for November 3rd. I'm so excited to share this book with you guys. Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for a sneak peek!

The cover reveal and release blitz is being handled by Next Step PR if you're interested in participating you can sign up for tour information on their website - There will be ARC's available and I'd love to have you all celebrate and kick off this release with me!

Stay tuned to my social media pages for updates, teasers, and giveaways as we gear up to release day! Also, don't forget I'm still doing weekly giveaways that are pinned to the top of my Facebook page if you'd like to join in the fun.

Lastly, I wanted to let you all know that Chasing Cassidy is on sale for $1.99 until September 5th when it goes back to its regular price of $3.99.  If you haven't had a chance to read Zack and Cassidy's story this is the perfect time!

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!



Today is the day! Sharing Rylee is live!

This book has been a long time coming and I'm so excited to be able to share Rylee's story with you all at last.

To purchase please click the link of your preferred retailer.


Also, it wouldn't be release day without a giveaway would it? Starting tomorrow you can enter to win one of the following prizes via this rafflecopter link.

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Sharing Rylee Cover Reveal!

Hi Everyone!

It's been a long time since I've updated my blog and sent out any emails. I apologize for being so quiet. Now that summer is here I'll be updating you all a lot more about what's going on and what's coming up! 

My next release is Sharing Rylee and the official release date is June 21st 2016.

At this time there is no pre-order available. If that changes you'll be the first to know.

If you aren't already aware, Sharing Rylee, is a companion novel to Chasing Cassidy. Although you do not need to read Chasing Cassidy to enjoy Sharing Rylee, it may be a good idea to avoid spoilers in case you read Chasing Cassidy at a later date.

To see the cover and read the synopsis for Sharing Rylee please click here:

I hope you all love the new cover and are as excited to read Sharing Rylee as I am to share it with you all.

Please note, Sharing Rylee is a M/M, M/F/M, menage romance. I'm sure most of you could already tell that from the teasers we've shared - but I wanted to be sure to state it clearly for those of you who prefer to stay away from same sex and menage romance books. 


I'm going to have lots of giveaways going on through my mailing list and on social media this summer. I've been to quite a few signings these past couple of years and have been collecting lots of autographed books and swag. I think we're due for a summer of fun and giveaways! Make sure you're following along!




Christmas with the Houstons is available now!

Happy Holidays!

Christmas with the Houstons is available now! 

To celebrate the new release it's on sale for $1.99 until December 31st. On January 1st, it will go back to its regular price of $2.99.


Fun fact - When I had the cover designed I had every intention of this book being a novella. However, Jake and April had a story to tell and there was no stopping until it was complete. So...even though this book is being marketed as a novella it's really a full length novel!

I hope you all enjoy Jake and April's story as much as I enjoyed writing it. To celebrate the release I've got a rafflecopter giveaway set up you can enter here:

I'll also be doing some holiday giveaway's on my Facebook page throughout the holiday season so keep an eye on my page for those.

I hope you all have a very happy holiday season! I'm looking forward to ringing in the New Year with you all and seeing all the amazing things it will bring for us.



Christmas with the Houstons Cover and Synopsis Reveal

Christmas with the Houstons

Cover by Regina Wamba from Mae I Design and photography

Christmas with the Houstons

Synopsis –

Jake and April’s long-awaited delivery date is getting closer by the day. After thirteen years together, they are finally going to be parents. This should be the most exciting time of their lives except they are now faced with obstacles they never imagined.

Jake Houston is at his wits end and is taking it out on his wife. Work is a nightmare ever since his brother, Connor, joined the family business. As excited as he is to finally become a father, the stresses of day to day life are really bringing him down. When April drops a bombshell on him and tries to bring her work into their home life, it’s what he’s always dreamed of and his biggest nightmare all at once.

April Houston loves her husband with all her heart and knows he’s struggling. She wants to make things easier for him but oversteps some major boundaries in the process. Can Jake and April’s love conquer her major misstep? Or will this couple realize marriage isn’t all they thought it would be and throw in the towel?

Come celebrate Christmas with your favorite Acceptance Series characters and find out.