A nostalgic throwback from Mel

Hey Guys – it’s Mel again.

I love these newsletter takeovers but to be honest, I almost skipped this week. I guess I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic- but instead of wallowing in my feelings I thought I’d share something you with you all that I’ve never told anyone. It’s about Noah.

Do you remember when I told him Eli was going to their gig at Just an Illusion? He wasn’t very happy about it or with me for fighting for Eli’s right to go. I still stand by my decision – it was important for me and Eli to mend our bridges, after all, he’s my best friend. And who could have guessed how much I would come to rely on and need Eli, even all these years later?

Anyway, back to the story. The morning of the show Noah and I slept in. I woke up in desperate need of the restroom. I heard the water running, so I popped out into the hall to use the guest bathroom, and when I came back in, I could hear Noah singing in the shower. It was faint since the door was closed but I wanted to hear more so I cracked the door open with the intention of crawling back into bed and letting his voice carry me back to sleep.

When I heard the words he was singing, I stopped in my tracks. Noah was singing Instead, by Ryan Amador, and I almost lost it. For the first time ever, I didn’t want to hear Noah sing. I couldn’t stand hearing the pain and anguish his voice carried, and suddenly I felt like I was intruding on a private moment. As delicately as possible I closed the door and crawled back into bed. I was exhausted from the night before, and even though my head was spinning, I fell back into a fitful sleep.

Then Noah woke me from my nap with the brightest smile and the sweetest kiss as if he hadn’t been upset just a short while before. In that moment, all of my worries melted away. I didn’t need Eli to point out to me Noah was the one for me that night, even though it helped me gain the courage to tell Noah what I already knew – I was his.

I hate knowing that Noah ever felt that kind of insecurity and I never told him I overheard him that day. Some secrets are best kept to ourselves, and I’m glad I never spilled that one. Our lives have taken so many twists and turns that I would hate for him to know I saw him in a moment of weakness. Or for him to know that through his transparency, I found the courage to love him for the rest of my life. The two things don’t seem like they should go hand in hand, do they?

I’m not sure why I decided to tell you this – maybe I’m hormonal – or maybe it’s because Noah Weston is one of greatest people, I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I could talk to you about Noah for days on end, but I could also do the same about Sawyer. But you guys know that already – and if you don’t… well, check out the links below and grab the box set of our story for only $3.99 before the price goes up on the 10th.

I’ll be back next week to share some more stories with you! If there’s something you specifically want to know, reply to this email, and I’ll see if I can make it happen.

All my love,