Today is Release Day!

Happy Day!

Today is release day for Releasing Kate!

Barnes and Noble went live first and here is the buy link:

Last night Breaking Kate broke 100 reviews on Amazon! 70 out of 100 are 5 star reviews! I am beyond blessed. To celebrate today in the Releasing Kate party I will be doing a giveaway that will be open for the next few days for an Amazon gift card. If you haven't joined us already please come and join the fun!

Make sure and pay special attention at the end of Releasing Kate for an excerpt of my new book Just an Illusion coming out this spring. You can add it to your TBR here:

Also, as a special treat there is an excerpt from Nina Levine's book Destined Havoc which is book one in her Havoc series and is free for the next two days!
Get yours here:

Just a few quick reminders.

Series reading order:Breaking Kate
Catching KateReleasing KateLoving Kate - Final novel in the seriesChristmas novella 2015

All books must be read in order. Here are the buy links for the first two books if you haven't started the series yet. :)
Breaking Kate

Catching Kate

If you can please take a minute and join in on the Thunderclap campaign please do so.

It's that time again! Please take a few minutes and nominate your favorite indie books for the 50 must read books of 2014. If it's one of mine that's awesome, but if not that's okay too! Just make sure to vote for you faves!

Lastly, have you guys seen the Breaking Kate If List campaign? I would love if you could click on the link and support it. You can even pick your dream cast! How cool is that?

Okay I think I've chatted enough! I've got a party to attend :)

Thank you all so much for your continued support and for being a part of my journey.